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Are you using Anti-theft? Unfortunately, some features of Mobile Security for Android can no longer be offered due to Google's policy changes. We now offer free upgrade to F-Secure SAFE which includes improved versions of these features.

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With F-Secure SAFE you can still protect your Android devices through the easy-to-use My F-Secure portal and continue using Anti-theft features.

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1 device, 12 months

F-Secure SAFE is available for mobile and desktop devices.

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Protect your security and privacy — keep your devices safe from viruses, ransomware and spyware.

Browsing and banking protection

Handle your online shopping, banking and all other surfing without worries.

Family Rules

Protect your family with one subscription and set healthy boundaries for kids' device use.

Ransomware protection

SAFE will monitor your important folders and block ransomware from encrypting them.