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Tracker Mapper

See how you’re tracked while surfing

The Trouble With Tracking

secrets behind the web

The trouble with getting a concrete understanding of tracking has been the fact that it’s so hidden. Without seeing it happen with your own eyes, it’s hard to imagine statements like “2512 blocked tracking attempts” as anything but abstract numbers on a screen. So instead of just telling you how much tracking FREEDOME is blocking for you personally, we thought we’d show you.

Introducing: Tracker Mapper


Tracker mapper is a new feature in F-Secure FREEDOME. It works by letting you record your blocked tracking attempts, and showing them and other malicious sites to you on an interactive, visual map. It’s incredibly easy to use, and can be quite addictive (you’ve been warned).

Easy & Informative

After downloading and installing FREEDOME, using Tracker Mapper is easy: Go to the Tracker Mapper tab, start recording, surf a bit and click to see the results. You will see an interactive view of the websites you visit (bigger circles), the trackers they send the cookies to (smaller circles) and blocked websites (jagged circles). Click on any icon to see more information about it.

your PRIVACY is #1

As with FREEDOME in general, your privacy is the #1 driver in our design. We never log any of your data. You can only do so yourself with Tracker Mapper. Your log will be erased when you start a new one, or automatically after 3 days.

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