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Private and untrackable

Say no to snoops and annoying advertisers tracking you. FREEDOME is privacy, anonymity and digital freedom.

How does this work?


Remove geo-restrictions

Change your virtual location to access blocked sites and add a layer of protection to ensure your privacy when surfing.

How does this work?

Wi-Fi security

FREEDOME shields you on public Wi-Fi – your data is protected even in vulnerable unsecured hotspots.

How does this work?

Safe surfing

With the push of a button, FREEDOME gives you your own private network, blocking bad apps and harmful sites.

How does this work?

Supported platforms

Android 4.0.3 or later
iOS 9 or later
Windows 7 or later
OS X 10.10 or later


Available all over the world, excluding Bahrain, Iran, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. See the full list of countries →

No ads, unlimited bandwidth and full respect for your privacy. Cancel at any time.

Ratings and reviews

Average rating on Google Play: 4.3 Based on over 11,000 reviews.

“LEADER IN ITS CLASS ★★★★★ A comprehensive, blindingly fast, always-on, no logging VPN application from a source you can trust - F-SECURE has a proven history of integrity that is now rare in this market.”
– Stephen James on Jan 26, 2015

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