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F-Secure Security Cloud API for AWS

F-Secure Security Cloud API for AWS is designed to improve security by providing real-time threat intelligence to any application or service. The API is cost-efficient and easy to integrate through the AWS API Marketplace

F-Secure Security Cloud

The API provides easy access to F-Secure Security Cloud, our cloud-based threat analysis and detection service. It provides real-time threat intelligence that is gathered at all times from our tens of millions of security sensors around the globe. The same technology forms the cornerstone of F‑Secure’s award-winning and visionary products.

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The F-Secure Security Cloud API forms the cornerstone of our pioneering security solution for Salesforce platforms. It is designed to complement their native security capabilities and has been created in close cooperation with Salesforce, which ensures a seamless integration with their pioneering platforms.


“We are extremely happy to partner with F-Secure in integrating their pioneering Security Cloud capabilities to our leading Maxx service.

This is how real security should be done. Not only is their solution the best on the market, but it was also very easy to integrate it into our service as well. F-Secure was also there to support us on every step of the way.

Our pharmaceutical customers expect that their content is secure, giving our offering another great differentiator and increasing the value of our service. Benefts like these make cyber security work for our business, and not the other way around.”

Helena Ruotsalainen, IT Security Officer
Receptum Oy

URL filtering and protection

The API supports URL threat intelligence and category information requests. With it, you can:

Prevent end-users from accessing harmful URLs to mitigate security risks
Automatically moderate unwanted URLs to prevent reputation damage
Integrate it easily to any application or service; up and running in seconds!

What can you use the API for?

The API is designed to enhance the security of applications and services that allow users to submit text and links to external content. For example:

Discussion Board

Prevent users from posting links to unwanted sites, for example gambling, adult or hate sites.


Prevent employees from posting or accessing links to malicious sites that contain, for example, ransomware or phishing.

Service Portal

Prevent targeted attacks that exploit links to malicious content that comes through the customer support portal or chat.

How do you use the API?

The API is designed to be integrated into any application or service. It provides real-time threat intelligence that applications can use, for example for content filtering and threat prevention, and also for incident response, auditing and analytics, depending upon the need.

Get it from the AWS API Marketplace!

The API is provisioned through the AWS API Marketplace, but it can be used in any service or application, even outside the AWS premises.

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